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GRANDEG ► warm and carefree rest in an ecologically clean environment!

Biomass or green plants and trees are accumulators of sun energy. They grow and develop thanks to the light and heat of the sun. When burning wood at the right time and in the right amount, we obtain the sun energy that is accumulated in it in a concentrated form. Wood pellets constitute a cheap, biologically clean, nature friendly and conveniently automated fuel material with a homogenous structure and a high heat capacity.

GRANDEG ►  compact and simple

The heating devices are compact, easy to install, reliably stable in operation, and though-out, convenient in maintenance. They are constructed to effectively burn compacted wood and biomass pellets of different quality, ensuring high efficiency of heat generation.

GRANDEG ►    automated operation

Wood pellet boilers ensure automated maintenance-free operation for a week and more, depending on the size of the pellet container. TURBO boilers ensure automated cleaning of ash and slag from the burner and heat exchange pipes. The automatics unit of the boiler controls the pellet burning process on its own, thereby precisely burning the corresponding amount of pellets, which exactly compensates for the heat losses of the building and heats up hot water for domestic use.

GRANDEG ►    universal application

The heating devices are suitable for heating moderate-sized family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals, public buildings, factories and even whole villages. GRANDEG wood pellet boilers can be installed with any type of heating systems: heated floors, convectors, radiators, air heaters and heat exchangers. They can be combined with sun collectors, feat pumps and boilers that use other types of fuel material. To ensure large heating capacities, multiple wood pellet boiler devices are installed.

GRANDEG ►    furnaces

Pellet-fed hot air heating furnaces are designed for regulated heating of air in premises by blowing it directly through the casing of the boiler, without water. They are convenient to use in garages, workshops, greenhouses, storages and other premises, where no heating system is installed, or where no continuous heating is needed, since the boiler device cannot be frozen.