GRANDEG pellet boilers






Pellet-grain-wood boilers

25kW and 40kW

 Wood pellet boilers

25kW - 300kW


Automatic pellet boilers

70kW - 500kW

Air heating pellet boilers

40kW - 100kW


GRANDEG heating boilers are heating devices that use biomass pellets as main fuel.

Biomass pellets- made of sawdust- is the best fuel of the new century: ecollogically clean, non-allergic, safe and renewable. Energy of the sun is collected while the tree is growing and later taken to your home of office by heating.


The main differences among all different heating boilers that GRANDEG manufactures:

BIO series: combined pellet heating boiler with relatively high efficiency (up to 85%). Pellets (wood, peat, straw, grain, etc.) as well as grain and wood can be used as fuel in this boiler. Great heating system for a medium or large household.


ECO series: highly effective (up to 93%) heating device using high quality wood (sawdust) pellets as fuel. Classic GRANDEG pellet boilers with new ergonomic design and easy maintenance.


TURBO series: industrial boilers for large spaces. Automatic ignition and automatic burner cleaning functions included in standard set. Safe and easy system gets even more efficient if pneumatic pellet transportation system and Silos pellet container is installed.


AIRO series: hot air generator for large spaces with high ceilings. Also will support any kind of manufactoring or processing where hot air is required.

All boilers can be installed together with other heating devices (solar panel, heat-pumps, etc). More than one boiler can be attached to the heating system to gain more heating power from the boilers.

Please, check available accessories for boilers (Pellet containers SILOS, Pneumatic pellet transportation system, etc.)