About our products

Boilers designed specifically for pellets

Our boilers, though aesthetic, are not merely interior objects. They have been manufactured for years-long, effective operation free of technical problems. The 4mm steel hull is carefully laser-cut with a CNC workbench. By equipping it with world class electronics, burner and supply system, we’ve set a new standard in the quality of pellet heating boilers.

Specialized pellet heating boilers

Integrated safety systems

A heating has to be able to manage technical difficulties without human supervision. Our boilers are equipped with special automatics and thoughtful security systems. They’re designed to protect You and Your property from all kinds of fire, electricity and other hazards.

Unsurpassable safety

Long-term economy

Pellets are an easy-to-use, concentrated source of energy. Our boilers are designed exactly for the utilization of this energy, and they’re constantly being improved to reach even higher levels of efficiency. In the TUV institute in Germany, the Turbo series boiler passed 90% efficiency. This stands as evidence, that Your savings on heating will be considerable.

Outstanding efficiency

High degree of automation

We’re convinced that a heating boiler should serve You, not the other way round. Our products are designed to require as little attention as possible. The appropriate temperature in the heating system is maintained automatically, the boiler manages fuel supply by itself. It can operate ceaselessly for a week and more, so You can relax instead of worrying about heating.

Intelligent automation