Specialized pellet heating boilers

Only the perfect match of all aspects of the heating system can ensure both comfort and economy. It is not enough to use high quality fuel and maintain a strong flame in the burner. It is equally important that the boiler utilizes the heat produced in the combustion process, and that it is used for the heating of Your home, not the surroundings.

Burning pellets with a pellet boiler

While browsing through boilers, You may come across seemingly cost-efficient hybrid boilers. They combine unmatchable calorific components. As the result, the boiler is a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Firewood is approximately 3 times more humid than pellets. When burning it, three times the volume of flue gases is released at a temperature of roughly 600 C. In order to discharge this amount of flue gases, a 3 times wider convective zone is needed in the boiler. When burning pellets, the volume of flue gases is considerably smaller, but their temperature is around 900 C.

It is clear that the convective zone of a firewood boiler isn’t suited for transferring such a large amount of heat. The seeming cost-efficiency quickly turns into losses, because by choosing a firewood boiler equipped with a pellet burner, a large part of the heat ends up in the chimney, rather than the circulation system. Much energy is wasted, and much more fuel is needed for sustaining a comfortable temperature.

We design our boilers with a single goal – that the energy stored in pellets is used with maximum efficiency. The long flue gas path in the boiler and special turbulators (which create turbulence in the flue gases) in the Turbo and Bio series ensure that not only the combustion is effective, but also the absorption of heat into the heating system. The quality of the design of the GRANDEG heating boilers can easily be assessed by measuring the temperature of flue gases in the chimney, which even at maximum heat output won’t exceed 130 C. This means that instead of going out the chimney, heat is transferred into Your heating system.

To each its own

Needs and desires can vary. Our wide range of products and special equipment can be customized to meet Your specific demands. In order to receive a consultation on choosing the most appropriate heating boiler, please get in touch with our customer support specialists.

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