Technical support

We find it important that our pellet heating boiler serves You for as long as possible. That’s why after installing a heating boiler, you will be visited by a GRANDEG Service specialist, who will judge on the quality of the connections, as well as all safety and optimal functioning criteria.

 The automatics of Your new pellet heating boiler will be adjusted, according to Your needs and specific situation. The operation of the heating boiler will be initiated, and you’ll receive a thorough instruction on the everyday usage of the heating boiler, as well as cleaning, maintenance and plan of action in case of an emergency. All these services are free to all GRANDEG customers.

Warranty service   

Our pellet heating boilers are made to operate for years. Following the instruction manual and operating rules, it will serve You for multiple decades. Nevertheless, if during usage you run into any technical difficulties, any required repairs will be performed quickly and efficiently by the GRANDEG Service specialists, free of charge. The hull of the heating boiler has a warranty of 7 years, while the electronic components have a warranty of 2 years.

In order to schedule the first-time visit or a warranty maintenance, please get in touch with the GRANDEG Service representatives.