How to choose a heating boiler

There are plenty of fuels and heating system types, each with its pros and cons. In order to help You find the right fit among the many options, we’re offering a comparison of the most popular family home and commercial space heating solutions.

Choosing the heat output of a heating boiler

When choosing the heat output of a heating boiler, it’s important to remember that the generated heat is used to compensate for the heat losses of the house. This means that the more heat emanates from the house, the more heat must be generated to preserve an even temperature.

For houses with average insulation, You can use an approximate formula – 1 kW of generated heat can warm up 10 m2 of space. You should also pay attention to these additional factors:

  • Ceiling height – the higher the ceiling, the more warm air accumulates in the upper part of the room.
  • Circulation system – heating with radiators will always require more heat than underfloor heating.
  • Indoors temperature – the higher the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors, the more heat losses are generated, resulting in more heat output needed to preserve an even temperature.
  • Lowest temperature point during heating season – it’s important that the chosen heating system can handle the coldest temperature, which is why you should choose a boiler with heating heat output according to the season’s lowest, not the average, temperature.

A pellet heating boiler suited for Your needs

Our pellet heating boilers are cost-efficient, easy to install, and provide considerable savings on fuel expenses. We offer a variety of models, each suited for its own situation:

  • Eco series – specialized, high efficiency pellet heating boiler for family homes, commercial spaces and industrial objects.
  • Bio series – multifunctional heating boiler for usage with both pellets and firewood. Perfect for households with firewood readily available.
  • Airo series – pellet heating boiler which heats the air, without the need for a circulatory system. Suited for periodic heating and transportation between different objects.
  • Turbo series – fully automated heating boiler for industrial objects. Self-cleaning burner and heat exchanger system significantly reduces maintenance required.

 Our customer support specialists will be more than happy to help You find the best solution!


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