About us

Our vision is about modern and economic heating solutions for both family homes and industrial objects.

Having manufactured pellet heating boilers for more than 25 years, we’ve accumulated significant experience and we’ve developed unique technologies specifically for burning pellets. Each one of our products is the result of science, intensive research, experience and hard work, and each assembling part has been developed and improved over the years. This lets us deliver heating boilers of the highest quality, equipped with the most modern technologies. They combine high safety, considerable savings and incredibly convenient, fully automated operation of the heating system.

Combining our high manufacture standards and innovative approach with in-depth knowledge of the heating and energy industries, we can provide our clients with a full service. From planning the heating project and choosing the boiler to finding the best suited fuel, we make sure that none of Your questions remains unanswered.

Our customer support specialists will be happy to tell You how our products can improve Your everyday life.

Customer support specialists