Intelligent automation

A special auger

The supply of pellets from the container to the burner is performed by an auger suited for pellets 6-8mm in width. The auger is fully hermetic, and it is made of premium grade steel resistant against wear and tear. The end of the auger is made of heat-resistant steel, less affected by the high temperatures in the burner, thus ensuring longevity of the part.

Automatic pellet ignition

Following an idle period or a failure, the heating boiler automatically restarts the burning process. The auger supplies pellets, a heating element is turned on in the furnace the ventilator supplies air needed for burning. Once the pellets are ignited, the flame sensor registers it, and the heating boiler switches to normal operation mode to generate heat.

Outdoor and indoor thermometers

In order to maintain a constant temperature indoors, the heating system must be able to react and adapt. Our heating boilers are compatible with thermometers, which give signal about changes in the temperature, and change the amount of heat generated accordingly. By comparing the outside temperature with the temperature indoors, the circulation in the heating system is adjusted, maintaining an even temperature in the heaters, heated floors and other heating circuits even when the outside temperature changes. As a result, the outdoors temperature doesn’t affect the indoors situation, and perfect comfort is maintained at all times.

Pellet loosener

In order to ensure automatic operation of the heating boiler, it’s important that the supply of fuel isn’t interrupted. During usage, dust and small particles from the pellets will inevitably gather in the pellet container, especially if the pellets are of lower quality and haven’t been properly pressed during manufacture. In order to prevent the dust from blocking the pellet dispenser, a special loosener is installed between the pellet container and the supply system. It ensures an even and uninterrupted supply of fuel and prevents the risk of pellets piling up and tamping above the dispenser.

User panel

All the information gathered from the supply, temperature control and performance analysis sensors is readily available in the user panel on the hull of the heating boiler. Through it, You can follow the operation of the heating boiler, read notifications and easily change any setting so that the heating boiler is a perfect match with Your heating system, fuel and comfort needs.


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