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For greater savings – better pellets

Our heating boilers are designed to work with any pellets. At the same time, higher quality fuel will always generate more heat, and You’ll need to perform cleaning less often. The quality of pellets can be objectively assessed via a number of criteria, which we’ve put together for Your convenience.


Pellet quality parameters

Correct installation for long-term use

In order for the heating boiler to serve Your for a long time, correct installation and connection are paramount. The installation of the boiler is best entrusted to certified and experienced specialists. At the same time, we present You with the most important criteria to be followed when installing a heating boiler.


Installing a heating boiler

Every case is different

Every type of heating has its pros and cons. We’ve compared various heat sources and put together a list of facts to keep in mind when choosing a heating boiler. Using our guide, You’ll quickly learn to find the most suited type of heating.

How to choose a heating boiler

Help in case of need

Emergencies can happen to anyone, but it’s important that problems are easy to solve. After installing the heating boiler, a certified specialist will give you full instructions on the usage of the device. We also offer full technical support, as well as warranty repairs in the case of a mishap.

Technical support