Unsurpassable safety

Pellet dispenser

In our heating boilers, the pellet container is separated from the auger tube with a special pellet dispenser, which prevents smouldering from carrying on into the pellet container by hermetically sealing it. At the same time, the dispenser also doses the pellets, supplying precisely as much is needed in order to maintain an even temperature in the heating system.


If the temperature in the convection zone is under 61 C, the walls of the heat exchanger can generate condensate. This in turn causes rust, and accumulates ash, clogging up the boiler. Our heating boilers are equipped with recirculation, which mixes water from the upper, warmer part of the boiler with the colder water at the bottom. This way, the temperature in the heat exchanger is evened out, preventing it from dropping below the condensation point, and ensuring that the absorption of heat happens more evenly and more effectively.

Air supply ventilator

Heating boilers that operate on the natural draft of the chimney can’t provide appropriate flue gas speed. As a result, there is not enough air in the burner and the combustion isn’t carried out fully. The low velocity of the flue gases also limits the efficiency of heat absorption in the heat exchanger. In other cases, a ventilator is installed between the chimney and the heating boiler, but in this case the ventilator quickly accumulates ash and soot, and must be cleaned regularly. In our boilers, the air is supplied directly into the burner, thus ensuring full combustion and creating overpressure, which increases the velocity of the flue gases as they travel through the heat exchanger.

Door safety

During operation, all parts of the heating boiler are subject to pressure, because air is constantly supplied to the burner ensuring efficient combustion and maintaining overpressure. In order to transfer the flue gases through the heat exchanger, instead of leaking into the room, it’s important that the heating boiler is hermetically sealed. In our heating boilers, the doors to the furnace, as well as the cleaning doors are equipped with a special safety mechanism which prevents them from opening from pressure.


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